Paintings personal project


The paint collection Frammenti comes from a consideration about the theme of memory.
On one side, each single person, in his childhood experience and mature perspective, looks at his own memories as an organized sequence of events, peopleand places. On the others, as a constellation of images and, more often, as clear fragments of a single moment which is not set neither in time nor in place.
Upon this second point of view the series of nine paintings have been created. The collection, through different supports and sizes, wants to investigate the process of preservation and removal of these lost instants.
The visible “islands” of details, frequently surrounded by a dominant colour field, represent these memories emerging from the past, like a sea where many things sink and got stuck in the sea bottom, impossible to be explored.
They are windows staring at some landscape; a place where someone got rid of his own memories, saving and leaving some of them along the way.