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Selected clients:
Feltrinelli Editore
Il Sole 24 Ore
La Repubblica
La Stampa
Add Editore
Studio Pepe

Alberto Fiocco is an illustrator and a visual designer based in Milan.
His first working experiences include production, organization and design of festivals and fairs about illustration and comics.
Since 2014, as a freelancer, he has worked together with several editorial and design companies such as Giacomo Feltrinelli Editore, Il Sole 24 Ore, La Repubblica, La Stampa, Add Editore, Moleskine, Studio Pepe, Maliparmi and many more.
Since 2016 he has started making animation movies for Airbnb and Merck, in collaboration with other professionals and studios. In 2011 he founded Associazione Visioni in Feltre(BL), his hometown, where the Fuochi Fatui Festival takes place. The festival aims for being an upgrading cultural project in keeping with its surroundings and historical centre. Through many artistic activities that happen in the most prestigious and historical places in town, the main goal has been perfectly reached.

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